SW5 Class 849


849 arrives at Haddon on 8 July 2008. 

Photo – Jacqui Smith


849 Mont Albert bound in Collins Street, at Russell Street. 

Photo courtesy Noel Forster


849 on shed at Hawthorn Depot.  This section of the depot is now the Hawthorn Tram Depot Museum. 

Photo courtesy Graeme Farrar


849 in Gisborne Street at Victoria Street, on a short working to Deepdene in August 1982. 

Photo courtesy Richard Jones


849 in the workshops being refurbished. Photo Jacqui Smith



849 at the top terminus after completion of its restoration. Photo Anthony Smith.


SW5 Class 849 entered service in Melbourne on the 1 February 1940. 

Following the success of SW6 Class 850 that had entered service in March 1939 as a prototype for future trams, trams 840 to 849 that were at that stage under construction as W5 Class trams were upgraded to include the sliding doors and metal framed windows that had been trialled on 850.

Leading a fairly uneventful life in day to day service in Melbourne, 849 was fitted with the multiple head and tail lights in September 1971.

849 was stored as one of the ‘ready-reserve’ fleet at Preston Workshops in 1998, and remained there until being donated to the Association by VicTrack, arriving at Haddon on 8 July 2008. 

Initially sister tram 843 was going to be preserved by the MTPA with 849 destined to provide parts for 843’s restoration.  On arrival at Haddon, it was determined that 849 was in better condition that 843, and so 843 instead was dismantled to provide the parts needed to return 849 to operating condition.

849 is currently under refurbishment at Haddon, and details of the work in progress can be found on its restoration page.

The following are SW5 849’s current technical details and specifications:

Builder – MMTB’s Preston Workshops
Entered Service – 1 February 1940
Length – 14.17 metres (46ft, 6in)
Height – 3.15 metres (10ft, 4 ¼in)
Width – 2.74 metres (9ft, 0in)
Weight – 17.23 tonnes (16.9 tons)
Seated Passengers – 52
Trucks – MMTB No. 15, 28in disc wheels
Traction Motors – 4 x 30 kW (40HP) General Electric 247AX2
Controllers – MMTB RC2
Line Breaker – General Electric Type D.B. 276
Brake Valves – Westinghouse Type “W” Self Lapping
Air Compressor – Westinghouse Type DH16
Compressor Governor – General Electric Type ML
Braking System – Compressed air and hand applied
Maximum Acceleration – 2.5 M.P.H. per second
Maximum Design Gradient – 8.5 %
Lighting Circuits – 3 circuits each with 4 x 100 volt series lamps
Trolley Bases – MMTB

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